A Helicopter Fell Into a Volcano But It Must’ve Been a Lucky Day

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A helicopter spinning out of control and happening feels like a nightmare. however simply imagine this uncontrolled helicopter is falling into the mouth of a full of life, gurgling volcano! sadly, this isn’t a tale created by my vivid imagination or a replacement episode of a disaster TV series; it’s a real story that happened quite twenty years past. 


1 There were 2 different members on this small team: freelance camera operator Michael Benson and freelance film technician Christopher Duddy. The crew’s helicopter was the Bell 206B-III. Equipped with two cameras, the helicopter craft was alleged to do motion-picture photography runs of the Kilauea Volcano on the Hawaiian Islands. 

2 Everything went as planned till the helicopter started its third hop over the volcano. simply a few of seconds before the crew reached the middle of the crater, disaster stricken.

3 It happened lightning-fast. In his tries to avoid wasting the day, Hosking accidentally got into a cloud of volcanic steam and smoke. The pilot tried to go away it by auto-rotating the helicopter right down to the lowest of the crater.

4 the matter was that they’d set to continue their climb, and once the helicopter arrived, they were stuck on a high ridge, regarding eighty linear unit far from the rim. Obscured by the cloud of dense gases, that they had to be left behind.

5 Twenty-seven hours once the crash, at 2:30 PM, Duddy reached the rim of the crater! He was straightaway taken to the hospital however was free in the future later.

6 Finally, at nine AM on Monday, throughout a little break within the weather, helicopter pilot Tom Hauptman noticed Benson before the fog closed duplicate presently.

7 The explanation for the accident could’ve been the volcanic gas, that caused a partial loss of engine power. solely because of the pilot’s skills, the filming crew members got away alive and with no serious injuries.