I Lived Like Elon Musk for a Week But One Day Was Enough

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I Lived Like Elon Musk for a Week But One Day Was Enough
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They say success may be a mind-set. No offense to whoever “they” are, however that doesn’t extremely facilitate the majority abundant. thus what a few real-life example to measure by? If you’ve got issues with procrastinating, feeling engulfed by all the things you would like to urge done, and simply overall pitiful time management skills, this {can be} what can assist you. Okay, now, who’s one in every of the foremost winning and productive dudes out there? You’re right! It’s Elon Musk!

This guy may be a productivity ninja who’s down the art of your time management. He heads multiple firms, the foremost well-known being Tesla and SpaceX, and has admitted that he’s employed a hundred hours per week or more! Let’s attempt to follow his typical schedule for a week.


1 I started on a Sunday evening by coming up with my week ahead supported what I’d examine Elon Musk’s routine. abundant to my dismay, the primary issue I acknowledged is that he wakes up at 7am each single day and functions on simply vi hours of sleep!

2 I’m a fairly ancient guy – i prefer to urge my counseled 7-9 hours of sleep every night, thus vi hours wasn’t enough.

3 Elon Musk skips breakfast… Well, a minimum of he drinks coffee! To be honest, the primary few days with no breakfast hit Pine Tree State laborious.

4 one amongll|one amongst|one in every of} Musk’s golden productivity rules is to figure in a 5-minute block system, which suggests that for 5-minutes, I had to remain fully centered on one issue so switch to a different.

5 a number of my comes take hours to end. however by breaking them down into smaller steps that I spent less time on, in the end, it took Pine Tree State fewer hours to urge my comes done!

6 the primary day, what wont to take Pine Tree State a solid eight hours to try and do all over up taking me simply vi. By the week’s finish, I’d cut that range all the way down to 4!

7 As for phone calls, Elon suggests NOT taking any calls throughout the day aside from emergencies.

8 i actually saved tons of your time on the e-mail issue. I would’ve ne’er guessed i used to be wasting such a lot time longing my inbox!

9 So, I hit the gymnasium double on, and, I gotta say, i feel I perceive wherever Musk gets his energy – understanding extremely will charge your battery, thus to talk.

10 obtaining vi hours of sleep isn’t on behalf of me, however i prefer obtaining up at seven and having time to arrange my day ahead. So, I’ll hit the sack at 12am to urge that precious further hour of sleep.

11 And I’ll pay a number of that further hour on an honest breakfast. notwithstanding consultants say you’ll go while not, I’d favor to fill my tank before I head to work!

12 coming up with the day ahead and try tasks in 5-minute blocks are going to be my new norm.

13 I’ll continue ditching my phone throughout work hours and keeping the emailing at a minimum as a result of this saved Pine Tree State many time.

14 I’m enjoying the gymnasium, and that i feel extremely good! It’s even become a kind of recent hobby of mine.

15 As for the weekends, i would like my Saturdays, man! I perceive Elon contains a heap on his plate, however I’m no CEO or enterpriser, thus I will afford to require a pair of days off per week rather than only 1.