Why China Is Number One in High-Speed Railroads

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China has the most important network of high-speed trains within the world. It stretches a thumping fifteen,500 miles everywhere the country. however whereas that every one sounds spectacular, I can’t facilitate however surprise why they’d pay a fortune on building such a massive passenger train network once airplanes exist? 

First, most central train stations are downtown, thus you’ll be able to simply reach them by subway. You don’t got to bear in depth pre-boarding security. And albeit there are some delays, they don’t happen too typically and are a lot of shorter than those at airports. Also, with their wider seats, additional legroom, and freedom to maneuver around, trendy bullet trains provide their passengers additional comfort. That’s solely the start of the list of reasons why high-speed trains rock.

1.  Why going by plane isn’t always the fastest option

Why going by plane isn't always the fastest option
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First, you need to get to the Beijing airport. Then, you need to realize your method during this immense multi-terminal transportation hub. likelihood is that your flight are delayed. so another downside is that airspace in China is improbably full.

2.  It’s also a matter of money

It's also a matter of money
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You will fork up the maximum amount as $500 for a Beijing-Hong Kong plane trip. however identical journey by train can price you a lot of less: around $150.

3.  How does China manage to keep construction costs so low?

How does China manage to keep construction costs so low
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Salaries in China are considerably below within the West, which implies less cash goes to construction staff. Also, high-speed railroads are designed with the assistance of native materials, and that’s nice for each saving cash and supporting the regional economy. however the foremost necessary issue is that each one railroad components, like tracks and embankments, are all standardized. 

4.  The future of the railway system

The future of the railway system
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In the closest future, they’re attending to build a 48-mile-long high-speed route between Zhoushan that may embrace a 10-mile-long tunnel running beneath the ocean, creating it the primary underwater high-speed train tunnel in China.

5.  The world’s fastest train

The world's fastest train
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Shanghai Maglev reaches the highest speed of a mind-blowing 268 miles per hour, therefore it takes simply eight minutes to travel nineteen miles.